About Us

Since 1994, Jewelmasters has been at the heart of Hattiesburg, intertwining our legacy with the lives of our community. Our journey began with a vision to create not just jewelry, but lasting memories. This vision has guided us through decades of crafting exquisite pieces for life's most precious moments.

The roots of our expertise stretch back to 1977, when our founder and Master Jeweler, Marty Vick, embarked on a remarkable journey with the world's largest restyling company. His passion for fine craftsmanship took him across 46 states and even to the shores of Japan, gathering unique experiences and unparalleled skills along the way.

Transitioning from his travels, Marty, alongside his wife Cindy, laid the cornerstone of Jewelmasters in the Turtle Creek mall—a humble beginning for a dream set to grow. Our dedication to quality and the warm embrace of our community propelled us forward, leading to the opening of our new, larger location in the Lake Forgetful shopping center in November 2007.

Today, our doors open to reveal a team of three in-house jewelers, whose hands are not just skilled, but carry a legacy of over 70 years of combined experience. Each piece we craft is a testament to our commitment to excellence, a commitment deeply embedded in the heart of Jewelmasters.

As we continue our journey, our promise remains unchanged—to provide you and your future generations with the friendly, hometown service that has become synonymous with our name. At Jewelmasters, we're not just crafting jewelry; we're weaving the fabric of your family's story, one precious piece at a time.


Cindy and Marty Vick. Owners of Jewelmasters in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Jewelry Store and Engagement Rings.About Jewelmasters